Amruta Industries, incorporated in 1998 on a very small scale manufacturing facilities, with a big dream in mind and an ecstatic heart, became a familiar name among Phosphate salts users. It's in GIDC, Panoli, near Ankleshwar, where the entire infrastructure required is available and is well connected by rail and road.

We are the manufacturer of Sodium/Potassium salts of Phosphoric/Acetic acid. Various Phosphate salts are used in various applications ranging from domestic to industrial purpose contributing in every walk of life in one or other way. As a diversification, we manufacture Phenol Formaldehyde Resin, which has got plenty of applications in different fields. Our future planning is to manufacture Phosphoric acid to reduce the dependency for raw material and to improve production logistic.

Keeping focus on our values and mission, we shall make every endeavor to satisfy our customers by delivering world class quality and services.

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